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"Prokon LLC" işçi axtarır - VAKANSİYA |
19:57 12 Dek 2020

PROKON LLC is pleased to announce Food Safety and Hygiene Officer (HSE Department) position for HAOR Modernization and Reconstruction Project

Job role/responsibilities:

As a Food Safety and Hygiene Officer you will be responsible for controlling complex food service and hygiene activities, as well as medical services being conducted on site by medical service provider. You will ensure prescribed sanitation and safety rules are maintained, calculate food requirements and prepare reports. You will maintain custody, care and control of inmates assigned to Food Service activities. You will oversee and monitor the activities of inmates while enforcing and adhering to the rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Other responsibilities of the Officer position include:

• Ensuring work areas and equipment are maintained in a clean and sanitary manner
• Monitoring compliance with sanitation, safety and health regulations
• Inspecting food for quantity, quality and temperature
• Assuring proper storage and use of inventory, monitoring and recording temperatures
• Consolidating weekly medical reports sent by the site doctor
• Conducting weekly and monthly workplace inspections against health and hygiene issues
• Assisting in calculating food requirements and requesting supplies and equipment
• Assuring proper preparation of meals, diets and portion controls
• Assisting in the training of staff and inmates during orientation and training programs
• Assisting in maintaining the security of offenders
• Maintaining daily assignment rosters for inmate workers
• Evaluating work performance on inmates
• Performing moderately complex work involving the care and custody of inmates
• Maintaining security among inmates of the institution through direct supervision
• Preventing escapes and maintaining discipline in conformance with strict rules, regulations and standard operating procedures

Minimum qualifications &experience required:

• University Diploma and ISO 22000 Certification
• Previous experience in food services and/or in a correctional setting, preferred
• Ability to perform all essential functions of a Food Safety and Hygiene Officer
• Highly organized and able to multitask effectively
• Ability to complete all necessary documentation
• Capacity to follow strict operational rules and regulations
• Excellent communication skills in order to interact successfully with inmates and staff

Application Procedures:

Qualified candidates should submit their application to [email protected] email address.

Please indicate the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line of the email. Otherwise, the candidacy will not be considered in the review process.

Project information/ job scope will be provided in details during the interview process conducted with shortlisted candidates
Deadline for CV submission – 21.12.2020

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